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    I have lived in Citrus County for 36 years and used quite a few tree services, so I have a lot to compare as far as the work these guys do. I have used several because frankly I was never satisfied with the quality of work in the past and didn't hire these other guys again.
    When a tree "surgeon" dropped an 80-pound fruit cluster from a queen palm, right through the roof of my screened pool enclosure, I was not happy. The response was to tell me to hire a company to fix it and that it would cost about $100 to have the screen roof repaired. They took the damage cost off my bill, but it ended up costing nearly $200. When they didn't return my repeated phone calls for reimbursement, I was again not happy! They also used spike boots to climb the higher palm trees to trim them and they are permanently damaged. It may be easiest for them, but it is really bad for the trees.
    The next year and the next service I tried, was removing a tree and dropped a large stump on my sidewalk and it cracked in three places. And once again, reimbursement was insufficient and the company made no attempt to take care of the problem, so I was left to deal with it myself.
    The third company I hired to trim my 14 queen palms used a tow-behind cherry picker that was huge and heavy and by the time they were done, my lawn looked like a war zone with spots of dead grass from the stabilizer plates and caused huge depressions in the grass.
    So this year I hired Michael Clark of Absolute Tree Service. Mike used the best pole saw you can buy, and carefully removed all the palm fronds and fruit clusters. The ones he couldn't reach with the saw, he climbed the trees without using spikes and did an excellent job.
    His company is licensed and insured. He's a former Marine who takes great care when he works on homeowners' property. He's honest, dependable and charges a reasonable fee for his services.
    He didn't damage anything and after spending all day trimming my trees, the property was cleaned up so well, it looked as good as it did before he started the work, which was also a first for me. Every other tree service I have used has basically left a mess to deal with.
    Absolute Tree Service will get my business from now on and I just hired Michael again to take care of some huge tree limbs that came down during Hurricane Hermine.
    He is the best!
    Tim Hess